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Short Courses (Capacity Building and Development)

The Institute of Research Management & Development believes in continuous training and development of the work force, it therefore provides a platform for professionals to meet interact, network and share experiences with others from throughout Africa. We have scheduled Seminars, Conferences and workshop spread throughout Africa. The short courses are offered in Swaziland, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya. We also can conduct Satellite trainings on request for a group of six or more participants in Asian countries namely Malaysia, China, United Arab Emirates and Singapore.

The Short courses are combined with an excursion schedule (site seeing) to allow a relaxed entertaining environment for participants to learn from each other.


To support organizations in their quest for excellence, in order to achieve the highest standards of performance in all sectors of their endeavours by:

  •    Developing their people in focused knowledge and critical skill areas targeting performance improvement, through appropriately structured learning packages.
  •    Crafting their structures and systems for efficient service delivery through organizational reviews.
  •    Undertaking client-driven action research in management and business development through the process-consulting approach.


Our Consultants are:

Qualified training professionals with personal experience of working in senior posts with public service organisations
Capacity building and institutional strengthening in the public sector and other institutions
Assisting in the modernisation process in ICT in organisations and fostering better institutional linkages amongst them
Well versed in the problems facing public sector organisations, and can draw on knowledge gained from many organisations to help devise training solutions specifically tailored to customers' needs
Helping public service organisations through the difficult period of adjustment following the development of a market economy and privatisation reforms in different countries


IRDM fully subscribes to the principles of adult education. Recognition is given to the individual participant’s need for professional and personal development. 

The courses are structured such that they are: 

➢ Participatory 

➢ Draw on participants’ prior Knowledge and experience 

➢ Use of case studies 

➢ Simulations 

➢ Group activities 

➢ Field studies 


The institute focuses at working with organizations for the purpose of transforming them into “Knowledge-Intensive-Enterprises”. This orientation is premised on the realisation that the single most key success factor for any organization is competitiveness; in turn competitiveness is anchored around learning organizations. Thus, we create opportunities for organizations to become knowledge-intensive by empowering them to harness the full potential of their employees through carefully designed and rigorously delivered learning programs. 

Non Scheduled Courses

If the course you want is not listed in the Course schedule, you can contact our offices and let us know your suggested course title and your preferred dates. We are able to run custom made courses for individuals or groups of delegates.


All IRDM courses and Programs are open to participants from Government Parastatals, Public Services Organizations, NGOs, CBOs, Private Sector, International Organizations and the Diplomatic Missions. All programs seek to develop leadership and capacity strengthening in all participants.


Participants are responsible for arranging their own flights to the training venue

All Vaccinations and Medication

Yellow fever vaccination is strongly recommended (with documentary proof) for entry to South Africa .

Passport and Visa

Participants must ensure that they have valid passports for the duration of their stay, and must obtain relevant visas before travelling. Course delegates are also advised to contact us if they require any information on their respective travelling arrangements.


We have arrangement with credible guest houses and hotels operating in South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe to provide accommodation for our delegates at very reasonable cost. Reservations are made on behalf of our delegates prior to their arrival.



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